Rooms at Omagh Early Years

The first few years of a child’s life are extremely important in their development and as such we strive to provide as varied and stimulating range of experiences for the child during their time with us. We have a range of rooms to suit different ages and stages of development.

Baby Room

The baby room has been creatively designed in a spacious manner with lots of natural lights. It can cater for up to 9 babies from 12 weeks to 13 months. This room has its own separate sleep room with a cosy cot for each child. It also has its own discrete secure nappy changing facilities and a kitchen for freshly preparing bottles.

Each baby’s day is flexible and different. We aim to offer a home from home environment, so each child’s routine is reflective on what happens at home.

The babies can benefit from a stimulating indoor environment which encourages them to progress their holistic development, socialising with their peers, listening to music and partaking in physical play which helps them develop their fine motor skills such as; sitting up independently, crawling and walking. We like to get the babies out into the fresh air. This room leads directly out into a secure, safe, spacious green area which the babies can explore.

 Early Years Baby Room

Tiny Tots

When babies get on the move and want to explore further the tiny tot room is just right across the corridor. This room has been designed for 12 children between the age of 14 months and 2 years. The tiny tots have a very active, stimulating day which has been well planned and resourced to help develop each individual child.

Their routine starts with breakfast club for the early risers, followed by fun games and activities. Morning snack is then freshly prepared by our full time cook, followed by more exploring and then its dinner time. After this the tiny tots have a little sleep to help rest their busy minds and get ready for a busy afternoon exploring their surroundings both inside and out..

The tiny tots love to explore the natural surroundings outdoors. They enjoy getting wet and mucky which we encourage at Omagh early Years Centre, but to protect their clothes we provide a warm, waterproof bodysuit and a pair of wellies for each child.

 Early Years Tiny Tots Room


The toddler room caters for 24 children between the age of two and three years. This is a very interactive, stimulating room which offers each child the opportunity to progress and grow in each area of development. The room is well resourced and laid out to encourage the children to communicate and play together, be creative, physically activate and grow independence.

The Toddler room is a hive of activity, whether the children are baking buns, getting messy with gloop or learning pencil control, it’s all great fun. We love getting the toddlers out and about. This normally consist of small groups of children going out in our "buggy bus" to explore and learn about the local area or get some physical activity at the park. The children eat healthy homemade snack and lunch together at tables. Most toddlers have a nap after lunch on their own low bed in our quiet area.

 Early Years Toddlers Room

Pre School

At Omagh Early Years Centre we have a very active Pre-School room which is guided by the NI Pre-School Curriculum. This room has been designed for 24 children between 3 and 4 years old.

The children in this room spend their day exploring through structured play. The play is centred on the six key stages of learning, namely personal and social development, physical development, the arts, language development, early mathematical experiences and the world around us. This, coupled with lots of fresh air outdoors, provides a busy, exciting, fun filled day for all in the Pre-School.

In addition to our own Pre-school room we also offer a bus service to drop children of and pick them up safely from other Pre-school settings within the town. At Omagh Early Years we offer wraparound care for children who may be attending school nursery units or facilities that provide Board funded pre school places.

 Early Years Pre-School-Room

After School Club

Here we have two after school rooms, offering places for 36 children up to the age of 12 years. We have two buses operating in the morning for school drop of and again in the evening time for pick up service from the local schools and extended after school activities.

In after-school children are able to relax after a hard day at school. This room is very much directed and lead by the children. They choose their own activities or games with the staff joining in. We do have an optional 30minutes for homework, but we believe if too much focus is on homework it takes away from what after school is all about; learning with their peers through fun activities.

 Early Years After-School-Room

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